be or want to be

Or, you want some or all of those things to be more true of your household!

You might be a Celtic Homeschooler if:

 - rather than "the 3 bears," the dad reads the family excerpts of C.S. Lewis,
        or Stephen Lawhead,
        or Lloyd Alexander,
        or George MacDonald, or...

 - Celtic music is the predominant background music of the house.

 - storytelling is a major household sport.

 - "Classical Civilization" is considered an inferior subject to "Celtic Culture."

 - audio story tapes are often heard.

 - in word association, "king" is often followed by "arthur."

 - you think many things are best learned by memorization, song, or story.

 - "St. Patrick" implies more than "shamrocks."

And That's not all:

 - Musical instruments bring to mind:
    not "electric bass, drum kit, keyboards"
    but "Harp, Fiddle, Pipes."

 - meals are times for good natured banter.

 - triads are considered a natural category for learning and understanding.

 - you don't like to see kids stuck at desks.

 - you don't want the kids to be too "bookish." (though they may love to read...)

 - some type of Celtic Dancing is "normal" in the household.

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