Styles and Characteristics

Specifically, people talk about "types or styles of education and homeschooling."
(Conventional, Classical, Self Paced, Unit Study, Unschooling, etc.)  

Celtic homeschooling has the following "complex of characteristics" that set it apart.  This does not mean these features are exclusively Celtic, nor is it a complete rejection of other flavors.  Rather, it is a matter of emphasis.  And of course, since Celtic Culture has no emperor, components vary from family to family!

What is Celtic Homeschooling and Celtic Education?

Celtic homeschooling is more oriented to "speaking and listening."

Celtic homeschooling is more musical (and not just Celtic music.)

Celtic homeschooling has more of a focus on stories and storytelling.

Celtic homeschooling is focused on "being good at practical skills while still young."

Celtic homeschooling is more oriented to "hands on" nature study.

Celtic homeschooling is down to earth and practical.

Celtic homeschooling is "merry" not "stuffy."

Celtic homeschooling assumes that working with one's hands is valuable.

Celtic homeschooling has more of an integrated knowledge base. (A story or song may incorporate a bunch of "different subjects.")

Celtic homeschooling hopes for higher quality content in songs.

Celtic homeschooling lays a heavier burden of a "large knowledge base" on musicians: a more "bardic" vision is sought.

Celtic homeschooling has more of a fascination with history, and likes it in poem, song, and exciting stories. (Yet not "History for history's sake," but rather, "what can we learn from history.")

Celtic homeschooling has a certain distaste for rhetoric: do we really want to encourage kids to know how to "sell" something that is not true or not really useful to someone?

Celtic homeschooling has a strong family emphasis.
    (This is manifested in generational story telling, clan history and genealogy)

Celtic homeschooling tends to be more agrarian, celebrating rural rather than urban life.

Celtic homeschooling focuses on the Clan more than the Empire.

But another way of looking at it...

Of course, don't take my word for it, add your own words or the words of friends, bards, storytellers, poets.

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